Free LIFETIME warranties for all bikinis purchased!

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Custom Made Competion Bikinis


We at Kitty's Bikini's understand that not everyone is the same, so every suit is handcrafted and customized to your own personal style

Works With All Budgets & Deadlines


We will work with you, and payment plans are accepted

Lifetime Warranties On All Bikinis


No need to stress! If anything happens just give us a call and we will ensure it looks as good as new for FREE



Email: kittysbikinis@gmail.com

Phone #: (386) 453-0124

Instagram: kittys_bikinis

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We love hearing from our customers. Contact us with any concerns or questions. Do you have a great picture of yourself in your new look? Send us a link or tag us, and we will feature you in our newsletter!

Kitty's Bikinis

Jacksonville, Florida