About Us

I'm Kitty Cabo-Hernandez, owner of Kitty's Bikinis. I'm also a former competitor with a huge love for the sport of bodybuilding. During my days of competing in 2015, I learned the importance of having an impeccably fitted, well-designed suit and how it could help give that additional spark of stage presence. It was then that I found my calling to help provide a service for all competitors that would offer that unique suit to enhance the appearance of their hard-earned physique. Then in late 2016, with nothing but a dream, some fabric, and sewing machine in a small closet, Kitty's Bikinis was born. Since then I've dedicated my time and efforts to improve my craft as a self-taught, innovative visionary.
Kitty’s Bikinis is well-known for our exceptional quality and customer service over the past several years in the business. We’re a small team with a large reach and influence in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide one-on-one interface with each and every customer.
We're local to the Fort Worth, TX area and have a small presence in Jacksonville, FL, but if you don't live nearby, no worries! We provide online consultations as well! Just contact us here to schedule your free consultation with, the one and only, Kitty.